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Insurance Company Refuses To Pay Valid Claim | KBG Injury Law

Insurance Company Refuses To Pay Valid Claim | KBG Injury Law

There can be nothing more frustrating
than paying insurance premiums every month just to find out that the one time
you actually need to file a claim or get the benefit of what you've paid for the
insurance company denies your claim. If this happens you have options. First, you should try to understand why your claim was denied. Take a look at letters or
emails that you've received. D they explain the reason behind the denial? Did
they point you to a provision or a paragraph of your insurance policy
explaining the denial? Second, has the denial occurred because they just need
more information? In the auto insurance context, your insurance company may
require a note from a doctor saying that you can't work before it will pay you
wage loss benefits or it may require you to fill out an application for benefits
before they will pay your auto related medical bills. Finally, whether it's hail
or flood damage to a home, denied medical bills or repairs to a vehicle, or you've
lost a loved one and the life insurance company is refusing to pay out the
benefits, you have rights.

Your insurance has a duty to treat you fairly and
evaluate any potential claims in good faith. If you believe your insurance
company has acted in bad faith and is treating you unfairly, you may have a bad
faith claim against them. Contact the attorneys at KBG Injury Law for a free
consultation about your bad faith claims..

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