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Understanding Bad Faith Insurance Tactics

Understanding Bad Faith Insurance Tactics

Hi, my name is greg spagnolia, an attorney here at rhino lawyers as a driver. We depend on our insurance company to provide impartial treatment and compensation when injured in an auto accident, but that does not always happen.

So in this video we will go over bad faith.

Tactics some insurance companies employ to deny or reduce payments of, claims you may wonder what are bad faith tactics.

Bad faith tactics are generally characterized as dishonest practices to get out of paying.

A valid claim here are some bad faith tactics.

You should look out for when you file and claim delaying claims.

Some insurance companies will delay processing the claim hoping the claimant will give up.

For this reason, states have established deadlines for denying or accepting a claim failing to complete investigation insurance companies should complete a personal inspection and look at all evidence to confirm the policyholders claim lowballing.

This is when the insurance company offers less money than a claim is worth unwillingness to pay a valid claim this is, when insurers deny claims covered by, their policies distorting policy, language some insurance companies will misrepresent the language of the policy or law then they will use.

It against the policy holder to deny a claim threats. Unfortunately, some insurers may use threatening statements or imply harsh legal action against the claimant.

If you experience any of these tactics from an insurance company, you need to contact an auto accident attorney.

So if you have more questions or need help with your auto accident case call us today, our consultations are always free Music.

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