Fort Collins Personal Injury Attorney: An Example of First-Party Insurance Bad Faith Conduct

One example of a first party insurance failure to protect, which is what is known as first party insurance. Bad faith happens when an insurance adjuster, who is supposed to be protecting you and providing you with claims adjustment services, decides that he or she is going to take a position that is not supported by the evidence.

One example of that could be a situation where you’ve, been in a crash, and you’ve suffered a very major concussion.

All of your doctors say that you suffered a concussion.

All the evidence shows that you were exhibiting signs and symptoms of a concussion, But for some reason this adjuster, who’s supposed to be protecting.

You decides that he or she doesn’t want to believe it.

They want to take the position that you didn.’t actually suffer any concussion and that you’re just fine And when they do that, when they take a position that’s not supported by the evidence that is failing to protect you for their own interests, They’re choosing their own interests over.

Yours, And that is what is known as first party insurance, bad faith.


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