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What Is Insurance Bad Faith?

What Is Insurance Bad Faith?

00:07 Matt Dolman: I'm often asked what's
Insurance Company Bad Faith. Well, Insurance Company Bad Faith can best be defined as a
fiduciary duty the insurance carrier owes to their insured, and when they deviate from
such duty, the duties defined under the insurance contract, also known as the policy. In every
policy, there is the inherent and implied covenant of good faith and fair dealings.
Oftentimes I see the following: I see insurance companies evaluating claims based on the property
damage involved. It doesn't even make sense. They'll see a property damage claim of maybe
$500 to $700, and decide it's impossible that my client could have been injured. Yet they
don't hire a biomechanical expert, nor do they hire or retain a medical doctor to determine
how severe or significant the injury is, or whether it's a permanent impairment.

00:49 MD: It's just an insurance adjuster,
a lay person, have you, that's making a determination in protecting their insured. But are they
really protecting their insured? They're not. And this is what we're seeing over and over
again with Allstate, State Farm, and GEICO in cases where the property damage does not
rise to the amount $1500. This is insurance company bad faith.

The insurance company has
a duty to investigate the claim fully. Don't let them fool you. If you need more help,
contact a Florida Personal Injury Attorney that's experienced in minor impact, soft tissue
cases, cases involving property damage less than $1500, or Insurance Company Bad Faith.
Those two areas often overlap, I'm an expert in both, and I would love to help you. Thank
you again. Dolman Law Group. We're here to protect the insured..

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