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thank you hello everyone today we will know five tips for finding the best car insurance in Norway  Norway is home to over 4.3 million registered vehicles  and in recent times the rate of uninsured cars has dropped to less than 0.7 percent  third-party car insurance ansvar is the minimum insurance requirement for every motorist in Norway  if you get involved in a car accident without this coverage you will have to pay for damages  from your pocket some motorists have found themselves wallowing in debt after such incidences  however there are many car insurance providers in Norway  hence choosing the right one can be pretty challenging what you should know before choosing  the right insurance company otherwise you may have to face some consequences in your daily life  comprehensive car insurance bill for seeking premium Casco car insurance bill for secret  Casco mini Casco car insurance bill for secreting Del Casco third party liability car insurance and  source for secret legal expenses Insurance ritual for sea cream road traffic insurance tax in Norway  TFA how much does an average car insurance cost in Norway how to switch car insurance company in  Norway get a quick estimate so how can you find the best car insurance in Norway one  determine the type of insurance you need there are four types of car insurance in Norway  these are third-party ansbar Del Casco comprehensive Casco and premium Casco  super and regardless of whether you use your car or not it must have coverage  third-party insurance only covers damages to other people or property it doesn't cover  your car so if you hit a parked car and cause damage your insurer will pay for the repairs  any injuries to other people will also be covered if you are at fault in an accident  comprehensive insurance Casco on the other hand covers damage to both your car and that of others  so if you're involved in an accident your insurer will pay for the repairs regardless  of who's at fault if you own an older car it may not be worth getting comprehensive insurance as  the payout may not cover the cost of repairs in such a case third-party insurance will suffice  you can also look at it from a Time perspective for instance a third-party cover will be the  better option if you are in Norway for a short time but comprehensive insurance will do if you  want coverage that will last for a year after determining the type of auto insurance you need  you can continue searching for the best provider alternatively you can work with an independent  broker the advantage of using a broker is that they know many car insurance companies in Norway  for this reason they will take a shorter time to find you the right match two you are visiting Norway for the first time you may not know which car insurance company to trust  regardless of that you will still have to find a reputable provider  find the best insurer check if the company is licensed to operate in Norway  an excellent way to know this is by looking for reviews online  targeting an auto insurance provider with positive customer reviews and testimonials would be best  as you listen to this information you want to focus on settling claims be wary of any  companies that have complaints about not settling claims you can also ask your family and friends  for recommendations sometimes it's best to hear about people already using car insurance  otherwise going with your instincts without any research could be misleading while added don't  underestimate the service delivery of smaller Norway insurance companies some will go above and  beyond to process your claims besides that their rates will undoubtedly be friendly 3.

Experience  of the car insurer it is always advisable that you choose an experienced car insurance provider  as a result you need to find a company that has been in business for a long time  check the insurer's website if you don't know where to find this information a provider that  has been operational for a long time is bound to have experience handling different types of claims  therefore they will know how to handle different situations that may affect you while on the road  moreover such a company will most likely have a good relationship with repair shops and this  means that they can get your car repairs done quickly and at a reasonable price you don't  want to work with a company that will take ages to repair your headlights otherwise this can be  inconvenient if you use your vehicle daily 4.


Customer service and the claim process  the claim process is one of the most sensitive issues surrounding car insurance  you don't want to be stuck in a situation where you must wait for weeks or months  to get your claim you want a company that will be there in your time of need  before settling with an insurer please find out how long their claims process takes  a good Norway car insurance company should be able to settle straightforward claims within two weeks  you should also find out if the company has a 24 7 helpline because this will come in handy if you  have an accident outside regular office hours if you want to know whether the company has Stellar  customer service look at how quickly they respond for example do their agents pick up your calls  immediately the other thing you want to look at is the quality of the feedback a good car insurance  company in Norway will answer your questions exhaustively they will go out of their way to  ensure the client is satisfied five get quotes from several car insurance providers in Norway  once you have a list of three Norway auto insurance companies request quotes from each  the quotes will give you an idea of how much they charge for premiums  the average cost of either third party or comprehensive car insurance in Norway will vary  while some companies will have high premiums others will be flexible in fact some providers  May adjust your payments as per your needs don't outrightly opt for the cheaper option  a low price will not guarantee excellent services the same case will apply to an expensive provider  the best approach will be to settle for a company that charges reasonable premiums  pick the best car insurance in Norway you might have to explore several options before finding  the best car insurance in Norway however if you follow the tips explained today your efforts will  eventually pay off get the best car insurance in Norway here are some free quotes excellent  Quality Car Insurance bill for secret quotes from Norway's leading auto insurance companies  ansar's First Sea cream general liability Del Casco third party fire theft and road assistance  Casco or premium comprehensive with motor they are tailored to your individual needs take  advantage of additional discounts for experienced drivers and discounts on purchasing other products  choose one of these options for beyond the minimum protection for your car  they accept no claims bonus or discount from other eea countries including Great Britain  for each day without liability insurance you face a penalty fee of 150 Norwegian kroner  if you are unsure for where you have an active policy you can check this  by logging into the Norwegian motor insurers Association traffic for sequence 14 gen tff  they offer only the best insurance and take care of you at all times contract conditions  and coverage offer individually directly with a specific insurance company get access to expert  advice and competitive offers from several brokers in the Kingdom of Norway if you are not sure where  to start when looking for the best Norway auto insurance they are here to help fill in the  online form to get a free quotation for the best insurance deal link is in the description below.

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