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What is a Bad Faith Disability Insurance Denial?

What is a Bad Faith Disability Insurance Denial?

What is a bad faith, disability insurance, denial, Hello, I’m Marc Whitehead, a board certified disability attorney and author of the book’Disability Insurance Policies How to Unravel the Mystery and Prove Your Claim 39, Whether as a business or an individual, we purchase insurance to Protect us in the event of accident, death or other disaster. We pay our premiums, assuming that, when the time comes, our insurance carrier will pay our insurance benefits based on the policy that we’ve purchased.

An insurance policy is regarded as a contract between you and the insurance company.

This agreement requires that the insurance company act in good faith towards you.

Unfortunately, many insurance companies have what appear to be intentionally confusing policies and they easily find a reason to deny large claims.

This can be insurance, bad faith.

It may be grounds for filing a lawsuit against your insurance carrier.

Specific examples of insurance, bad faith include a denial of insurance benefits due as outlined in the policy unreasonable delay in payment of insurance benefits, due failure to promptly or properly investigate a claim non disclosure of policy benefits or making misrepresentations to you about your policy.

Many types of insurance claims result in litigation on the grounds of bad faith, including disability, insurance and life insurance benefits.

When your insurance company attempts to escape its obligation to investigate the claim or to pay you that’s, when the services of a qualified bad faith insurance claims lawyer, will protect you and maximize your legal interests When a satisfactory settlement with an insurance company cannot be Achieved bad faith insurance claims litigation becomes necessary to protect your rights As a bad faith insurance claims lawyer, I represent insurance policyholders and claims against insurance companies that fail to live up to the terms of their policies or unfairly delay or deny payments of valid claims.

More information about this topic can be found in my free eBook,’Disability Insurance Policies How to Unravel the Mystery and Prove Your Claim.’Visit, www disabilitydenials com for a free downloadable copy or call 1 800 562 9830 to discuss your particular disability issue. I’m Marc Whitehead thanks for watching .

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