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Fighting for Justice

Fighting for Justice

discrimination and unlawful
practices. Insurance companies, yes, and personal injury and
bad faith insurance trial Attorney Sam Ryan had Dari
joins us now to discuss. Sam, welcome it. >> Thank you for J. >> Let's talk about what you do
because it's very specific. So you fight for justice for
victims of discrimination. What does that look like? >> Let me tell you, there are
different form of the practices that is deployed by
the insurance companies that is this coming year or unlawful
and the people be doing that, then get the benefit of the
bargain that they did for, for example, of the united
coverage or the water word that they were expecting to get paid
and they don't get paid for it. And because the insurance
companies have the middle of the that they are just playing
the people in that and there are just acting on fairly against the
insured. So we are going after those kind of practices and
trying to bring to justice to the local community in Las

>> Amazing. How can you tell us
a little bit as to the goals that you tackle with any case
that you bring to your firm? >> Each case the are different.
But the we just pay attention to nuances of the cases because
this case is takes a long time to build, actually, because we
have to get into the detail of that hiring over the behavior
of the insurance companies who want the did or the time.
And then compared to what the active in this specific case.
This is the kind of cases that you need it. A lawyer for
another typical personal injury law firm. We just be patient
duels aspects. All of that claim as well when we are
bringing a lawsuit or we sued the insurance companies to make
sure that the justice is served. >> And speaking of justice with
these discriminatory case, as you feel that there are
certain cases are important for you to take on and they're
really important you feel for the public.

>> Yeah, especially in some
cases that is based on the on local prices are based on the
race. And we already have some losses in 8 in California and
Nevada. Again, some insurance companies that they we feel
that they have it vary. Outrage is pattern of behavior,
says specific ethnicity by profiling them, actually that
we are. So I actually aggressive. And also
we are so into those kind of cases because we know what they
are doing and how they're profiling the specific
ethnicities rights. >> I mean, unfortunately, there
are so many victims out there from these insurance scams and
whatnot. How are you speaking to these people? And if
somebody is watching right now, are you available to talk to
them? >> Yes, of course, they can
contact our office and ask for that free consultation. We just
don't charge any fees, actually. And that's kind of
cases. All of them. There are contingency fees agreement that
it means that we just investigating invest the
resources and then we get to the bottom of it.

And we just
recovered the money as a punitive damages or fair
compensation for their what the barking for actually with the
insurance company and what they expected from the insurance
companies actually to pay them. And they never got paid for it. >> So you can actually help
people. You feel see justice where discrimination is
concerned. Yes, on lawful practices. And it's not only
the based on the race is based on the awful practices and the
profiling based on the social economy, a status of the people
as well. >> I'm curious if you have any
tips, I feel like some people don't realize until it's too
late when something like this has happened to them like you
have any advice or early signs. >> That people should look out
for. If they're in a situation like this one word that you
claim the insurance company and they are asking too many
questions and are they are adding this special
investigation unit or some investigator to investigate
into their behavior and when the ball the policy and how
they bought it. Those are the times that usually means that
they are investigating some malfeasance by to ensure or
they're looking for something I actually to just not to pay the
benefits that the bargain for.

So that's the best way that
before getting any a statement, the insurance companies make
sure that you hire a lawyer because you don't want to
incriminate yourself if you say something or just the use it
against yourself actually later. >> Sam, we know that you're all
located down a 4th street. Yeah. And they yeah, there's a
lot of is kind of the legal center. Las Vegas, isn't it
that? Tell us a little bit about your practice? When did
you start it? >> I started after graduation
from Boyd in 2013. And as I cleared for judges can act with
department. 29 actually for 2 years. And after dad, I opened
up my from the start of doing the business of the nation.
And after that, I started doing the personal injury, we take
the personal injury, car accident cases slip and fall,
but also the focus on that aspect of the bat fee

Actually all of those cases as well be
litigated and tried to kind of cases. >> And just saying thank you so
much. Thank you. Yeah, thank you, have you..

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